Career Exploration

Career Exploration

Are you confused about next steps in your employment journey?
Is it time for a career change?

It is possible to not only just find a job, but to find a career that’s right for you? It helps to slow down, give it some thought, and take time to get it right.

Career exploration is not the same as job searching. Career exploration is the process of choosing education, training, and identifying jobs that fit your interests, education and skills.

Assess yourself – It’s important to know a lot about you. Use online assessment tools or workshops. You may be surprised at what you might uncover about yourself.

Explore Career Options – Explore several industries and occupations and identify those that interest you and fit into your self assessment.

Gain Skills – Once you have identified career options you need to find out whether you have the necessary skills, education or training.

Find a Job – Job search takes a good deal of time, energy and preparation. After you assess yourself, explore career options and gain skills; you are ready to take on a job search.

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