Career Counselling

Employment Action Plans

Goodwill assists individuals in identifying steps and goals by establishing employment action plans. The employment action plan is a dynamic document that reflects your needs and assists in developing and improving your job search strategies.

Career Exploration

Goodwill assigns a Career Development Specialist to work with each client individually, to assess interests and establish career goals. We have a number of assessments to assist you to determine the career path best matched to your skills, abilities and interests.

Job Matching

Career Development Specialists and Job Developers work with individuals to match their interests, skills, and abilities to employers that have job opportunities available.

Skills Upgrading, Career Training and Second Career Application Assistance

Goodwill assists individuals in discovering options related to career training or upgrading that will prepare them for their chosen career. Goodwill can also assist in identifying funding sources that may allow individuals to access further training.

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      Canada Ontario Job Grant

      Funding provided by the Government of Canada through the Canada Job Grant Programs delivered by the Government of Ontario.