Think Outside the Box

Looking for Work? Time to Think Outside the Box

Professionals in the employment field will often tell you that 60% to 80% of the jobs out there are in the hidden job market. They are right! The challenge for job seekers today is to learn how to mine the hidden job market and unearth those employment gems. The reality is that most jobs are filled by word of mouth.

Finding the Hidden Job Market!

Finding those hidden jobs is all about two things. First it is about connecting with employers and with individuals and groups that are connected to employers who are hiring but haven’t advertised the jobs or posted them on or had them picked up by the public job search web sites. Second it is about creating an opportunity for yourself that hasn’t become a job position or posting yet.

Networking is an Essential Part of Mining the Hidden Job Market

In order to find jobs that are not advertised and are being filled by ‘word of mouth’ you need to connect with as many people as possible. Family, friends, co-workers, business associates, club or group members and any one that you come contact could be the person who provides you with that lead that connects you to your next job. No one should be excluded. You never know who someone else may know and who they could connect you to.

Put Yourself Out There

Networking is about putting yourself out there every day of the week. That means being ready to introduce yourself to almost any one who will listen and letting them know that you are looking for your next opportunity. Make sure you have calling cards to hand out and have your resume close at hand so if you are asked for it you are ready to deliver it on the spot. Keep a note pad at the ready too. Write down the names of who you meet and get their contact information so you can keep in touch with them. Smile, say thank you and follow up regularly.

Create Your Own Opportunity: Use Marketing Letters

Marketing letters are a great way to introduce yourself directly to decision makers that you haven’t met or are hard to met. The idea behind a marketing letter is to get it into the hands of someone who may be thinking about hiring someone or who may know of some one in their organization that is considering adding an new hire to their team. A good marketing letter could also inspire a decision maker to create a new position.

By proposing how you may be able to help their firm prosper or help them face an ongoing challenge by making a decision maker aware of your skills, your marketing letter could be the tipping point that prompts them the create a position that is fit s your talents. At the very least, using market letter extends your network and makes employers in your selected industry aware of your talents and availability.

Managing Your Time

If 60% to 80% of the jobs out there are in the hidden market then it would imply that you should be spending a proportional amount of time to tap into this part of the job market.